Play Mars Escape


The Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab is working to develop social robots that can learn to assist people by observing natural human interaction.  Mars Escape is a two-player game designed to gather data about human teamwork, social interaction and communication.  Help us out by playing the game, either as a human or a robot! 

Algorithmic analysis of the data collected through these games will enable us to develop natural autonomous behaviors for our robot Nexi.  We will then recreate the game environment in real life and demo our findings at the Boston Museum of Science!

The game takes about 10 minutes to play, you will be randomly paired with another player online.


Players must be 18 and over.

Thank you for your participation!


(c) Mars Escape project team

Goal of project


The purpose of this platform is to support research and education goals in human-robot interaction, teaming, and social learning. In particular, the small footprint of the robot (roughly the size of a 3 year old child) allows multiple robots to operate safely within a typical laboratory floor space. MIT is responsible for the overall design, the mobile manipulator is developed by UMASS Amherst, and system integration is handled by Xitome Design.

How to participate

1. Download the game

2. Complete the Tutorial

3. Play and have fun!