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Citizen Sky

Citizen Sky is a citizen science project providing you with a chance to do real scientific research. We are seeking to understand a star that has been a mystery to scientists for many years. This star is epsilon Aurigae, a very interesting, very bright star located in the constellation Auriga, the charioteer. This star is bright enough to be seen with the unaided eye even in the most light-polluted cities, and it is visible every fall, winter, and spring.

Epsilon Aurigae

epsilon Aurigae

Epsilon Aurigae is a variable star—this means it changes in brightness over time.  Collecting data on these changes can help us understand the star.  There are many types of variables - epsilon Aurigae is an eclipsing variable. (We have a whole page dedicated to more information about epsilon Aurigae, the "star" of our project). The change in brightness that this star undergoes is called an eclipse (a process of fading and coming back to its usual brightness.)  This process takes over 600 days.  One of the things that makes epsilon Aurigae so interesting is that it only has an eclipse once every 27.1 years.


How to participate

Citizen Sky welcomes everyone to be a citizen scientist. We will guide you through the process of how to observe epsilon Aurigae, how to send us your observations, and then how to see your results, analyze them, and even publish them in a scientific journal!! No previous experience is required. We hope that this project will involve thousands of people all over the world in real, active scientific research.

This site serves as “home base” for participants. We launched in June, 2009, and we will continue to roll out new features throughout the summer and fall. The final site will include blogs, discussion forums, places to submit and analyze data, training materials, and much more.


Tutorials & Trainings

Do you want to know more about stars and how to observe them? You know or want to know the time when observe this periodic stars? 

Visit Tutorials and Training. You may also download there tutorials in pdf format (e.g. start tutorial)