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This project is focused on helping science. It is not necessary to be a scientist to participate in projects which you may find here. And if you are lucky enough you can also make a discovery. What you need is a will to help or discover something interesting for you.

There are a lot of projects collected on this site. You can classify galaxies in Galaxy Zoo or try to protect astronauts with Solar StormWatch project. On the page Help Astronomy you may also find a lot of useful information about star formation and observation and, of course, contribute to them.

Or maybe you are interested in medicine and have always wanted to help scientists to find cures for dangerous diseases? You can do it just playing games! You cannot believe it? Check this on Help Medicine.

If it sounds strange to you or you are looking for something simpler, visit help biology page and be acquainted with Squirrel project. You need to have a camera and like squirrels to participate in this project.

Even if you do not have a lot of time, there is also a way to help science! You can provide us with your CPU time which will be used for humanity purposes. You can find more information about this approach on BOINC page.


In any case, just the knowledge that such projects exist will enrich your inner world!



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